We are ADCo.
Branding & Visual Identity Design.

A multidisciplinary, collaborative boutique design firm focused on branding and visual communication.
We develop beautiful, authentic stories in close collaboration with our clients. From basic shooting star activations to new brand universes, our main goal is to create memorable brands that delight us and our clients.
Our combined experience, sensibilities, have earned us the opportunity to create work for a wide array of clients, ranging from small, startups to well established brands. A search for meaning, desire for consistency, and concern for appropriateness propel our studio forward. The pursuit of beauty and intuitive understanding of simplicity compel us to create work that resonates and stands the test of time.
  • Freelance Journey Started whilst also starting a job in the I.T field. Consulted for Software development Company.
  • Started a position as Production Manager for a Branding Firm doubling as Brand Designer & Website Developer.
  • The Pandemic happened and we started to work full-time from home. Working and delivering world class design remotely
  • Being a Brand Consultant means i get to work from anywhere in the world. Started a project for developing an online academy system for Global HR Consultant. Branding Projects for Big Corporates in Southern Africa.